Resources to Boost Your Confidence in STEM

Mika Poblete, a fourth-year student majoring in biochemistry shared the following learning resources she has found helpful during her studies at UVA. She recommends these to Image of Mika Pobletestudents across the university for confidence and success in STEM courses. Check these out to see what new resources might help supplement your course instruction this semester:

Mika has worked as a Teaching Assistant in both general and organic chemistry, a STEM consultant for virtual and augmented reality in an immersed and interactive learning environment, and a program coordinator in the online math preparation program CONEX.

Mika’s List of Learning Resources


Khan Academy

  • Videos, online lessons
  • Gives you practice problems to work through lessons
  • Also, free test prep courses (MCAT, LSAT, SAT)


  • Large variety of subjects (notably biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, statistics, mathematics, medicine, and social sciences)
  • Open Educational Resources


  • Q&A forum with specific subjects
  • Particularly helpful for coding/computer science problems

Study Tools


  • Open-source software for flashcards
  • Designed for fast and long-term memorization


  • Online flash cards
  • Easily collaborate with classmates


  • Study content tools
  • Flashcards, mind maps, quizzes, slides, flowcharts

  • Record lectures and voice meetings



  • Free online math lessons

Paul’s Online Math Notes

  • Lessons in algebra, calculus, and differential equations
  • Also has “cheat sheets” that are useful overall review of units and can help if you need to build your own

The UVA Math Collaborative Learning Center (MCLC) is staffed with experienced undergraduate students (MCLC consultants) that offer one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions for many 1000/2000/3000-level math courses. This service is free and available to all UVA students enrolled in one of the following courses:

  • MATH 1190 , MATH 1210 , MATH 1310 (collectively referred to as Calculus I), and MATH 1220, MATH 1320 (collectively referred to as Calculus II)
  • MATH 2310, MATH 2315, MATH 3000, MATH 3100, MATH 3250, MATH 3310, MATH 3350, MATH 3351, and MATH 3354


Master Organic Chemistry

  • Fantastic resource for organic chemistry
  • Recommended by faculty

TMP Chem YouTube Channel

  • Physical chemistry lessons

Computer Science/Coding


  • Free lessons to learn most common coding languages
  • Learn by doing
  • Web development, programming and computer science, data science


  • Practice/enhance coding skills
  • Prep for technical interviews



  • Physics lesson explanations
By Christy Rotman
Christy Rotman College Life Skills Coach