Overwhelmed by emails? These tips will help!

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We receive a lot of emails – it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Learning how to manage your email is an important skill, not just for your time at UVA, but also for your future employment. Consider these tips for one …

By Christy Rotman
Christy Rotman
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Out of sync with your asynch classes? Get back on track with these tips

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Learning online offers advantages to many students – for example: flexible schedule, no commute, and the ability to revisit lecture recordings. Even with these benefits, online learning can also surface new challenges. As we all settle in to remote learning this …

By Christy Rotman
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Adjusting to Learning while Away from Grounds

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We have prepared several guides designed to help students adjust to distance learning. You will see communications and web resources related to technology and housing considerations elsewhere. The resources below are related more specifically to the shift from life as …

By Katie Densberger
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How to Get Moving on that Project You’re Avoiding

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Do you have a huge project, paper, exam, or task looming over you? Are you feeling unsure how to begin? Overwhelmed? Scared of not completing the task? Often when we have large tasks, it is difficult to know how or …

By Christy Rotman
Christy Rotman College Life Skills Coach
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Getting Research Help from IRB

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Research is a key part of the U.Va. experience for most undergraduate students. Many will embark on their own research projects before they graduate. But did you know that research involving human subjects is regulated by the federal government? Before …

By Laura Loeb
Laura Loeb Research Compliance Manager
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What does undergraduate research look like at UVA?

a woman looking through a large volume in Special Collections Library

By the time they graduate more than half of U.Va. students participate in undergraduate research either a part of a class or outside of the classroom.  But what does it mean to do research? The University of Virginia is a …

By Brian Cullaty
Brian Cullaty
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