Do Research

Whether you’re hoping to get connected with a faculty member’s research project or are looking to fund your own project, UVA has lots of resources to help you do that. Check out the list below for some of those resources.

Getting Research Help from IRB

Research is a key part of the U.Va. experience for most undergraduate students. Many will embark on their own research projects before they graduate. But did you know that research involving human subjects is regulated by the federal government? Before …

By Laura Loeb
Laura Loeb Research Compliance Manager
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What does undergraduate research look like at UVA?

By the time they graduate more than half of U.Va. students participate in undergraduate research either a part of a class or outside of the classroom.  But what does it mean to do research? The University of Virginia is a …

By Brian Cullaty
Brian Cullaty
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On Reading for Research

Reading for research is a skill of its own. Get some tips for what that process looks like in this short article by Joli Jensen: “Lessons on the Craft of Scholarly Reading” at the Chronicle of Higher Education.

By Katie Densberger
Katie Densberger Director of Academic Student Support
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Maker Grounds

Learn about Makerspaces, Shops, Labs, and other spaces for making. You’ll find equipment and resources for working with textiles, advanced …

School of Nursing Scholarships & Research Grants

A variety of awards are available.

Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research mission is to encourage, promote, and support undergraduate student research. The office serves the UVA …

Undergraduate Research Network

Organization offering information and resources for undergraduate students seeking research opportunities.

Undergraduate Research Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Research administers and keeps a list of several grants to students to fund research projects. See …

Office of Citizen Scholar Development

The Office of Citizen Scholar Development cultivates intellectual and civic development by encouraging students to pursue opportunities that support scholarly …