The McIntire School of Commerce is a professional school engaged in the creation and dissemination of knowledge that significantly influences the ideas and actions of students, scholars, and business leaders throughout the world. The McIntire School aspires to be the best, most innovative, globally focused undergraduate business program in the world and to offer high-quality, innovative, specialized master’s degree programs, also with a global orientation. Two important elements of achieving program excellence and innovation are integrated and action-oriented learning and capitalizing on the strengths of its faculty, staff, students, and alumni through a strong culture and community.

The five core principles of this mission statement are quality, innovation, integration, a global orientation, and community. These principles are consistently reinforced to faculty, staff, students, alumni, and corporate partners through McIntire faculty and staff meetings, bi-annual meetings with McIntire’s governing boards composed of alumni and corporate partners, and McIntire’s various communication vehicles that include McIntire magazines, yearly reports, and various forms of electronic media.  These principles drive strategic decisions regarding programs, curriculum, faculty, staff, and student development. With a commitment to excellence, an innovative spirit, an integrative perspective, an appreciation of the globalization of business, and strong sense of community, the School’s vision is to develop students into leaders who successfully live, work, compete, and contribute in the new global reality.