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By Katie Densberger
Katie Densberger Director of the Georges Student Center Katie Densberger
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New Ways to Think About Procrastination – Part 2

Click here to read part 1 of this 2-part series. 

Explore your WHY

We procrastinate for all kinds of reasons. Understanding the reason or the WHY behind your procrastinating habit is another great strategy to help you make change. Since …

By Christy Rotman
Christy Rotman Profile Picture
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Adjusting to Learning while Away from Grounds

We have prepared several guides designed to help students adjust to distance learning. You will see communications and web resources related to technology and housing considerations elsewhere. The resources below are related more specifically to the shift from life as …

By Katie Densberger
Katie Densberger Director of the Georges Student Center Katie Densberger
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Getting Research Help from IRB

Research is a key part of the U.Va. experience for most undergraduate students. Many will embark on their own research projects before they graduate. But did you know that research involving human subjects is regulated by the federal government? Before …

By Laura Loeb
Laura Loeb Research Compliance Manager
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3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Aerospace and Defense Industry

The aerospace and defense industry is full of incredible achievements, and a career in this area will put you at the forefront of future advances in engineering and technology for aircraft, spacecraft, watercraft and more. If you’re considering working in …

By WayUp
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Prep for Fall: Tasks and Information for 2020

While many faculty and staff are working remotely this summer, the contact information for most offices has not changed significantly. …

Choosing Your Major from Afar

Still searching for the major you love? Don’t worry that you aren’t on Grounds – you can do a lot remotely!

Internship Placement Program

IPP can help connect you to internship opportunties!

Explore careers, gain professional experience, skills, and expand your network in Charlottesville …

Association Deans in the College of Arts & Sciences
What is an Association Dean?

To facilitate academic advising, every student in the College of Arts and Sciences is placed …

Gen Eds in the College of A&S, 2017 & later

Forums, traditional, or new curriculum? If you started at UVA in fall 2017 or later, you had a choice for …

Gen Eds in the College of A&S, pre-2017

Did you start at UVA before the fall of 2017? Here’s information about your general education requirements in the College …

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Major: Nursing

All traditional BSN students at the School of Nursing take courses in anatomy and physiology, growth and development, pharmacology, pathophysiology, …

Major: Commerce

The McIntire School of Commerce allows students to combine a world-class business program with an outstanding two-year foundation in liberal …

Major: Computer Science

Our computer science B.S. degree prepares students for careers that provide both personal and societal rewards. As creators of information …