Katie Densberger

Director of Academic Student Support

Katie has been at the University of Virginia since 2014. She was a first-generation college student and attended Bradley University in her hometown of Peoria, Illinois. After getting to know some enthusiastic professors and completing a few semesters of research projects with them, she decided to go to graduate school instead of law school. Katie earned an MA and PhD in sociology from Penn State University, and taught sociology courses at several liberal arts colleges before coming to UVA. From 2014-2017, she was Assistant Director of Student Academic Support in the College of Arts and Sciences. In this position, she coordinated the Rainey Academic Program, developed and taught an academic strategies course, and taught an interdisciplinary 3-course sequence for the College Transition Program. From 2017-2022, Katie was Director of the Georges Student Center, for which she oversaw the Center’s spaces, partnerships with other offices, front desk, the Total Advising website, and the e-newsletter. As Director of Academic Student Support, she continues to direct the operations of the Georges Student Center, as well as academic support and related programming for undergraduates. Katie enjoys helping students to find their way through college and to work toward their goals. She is always happy to talk to students about where or how to find information and opportunities. She lives in Waynesboro with her husband, two Australian Shepherds, and a very grumpy cat.



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