SOC 2230

Studies socio-cultural conditions affecting the definition, recording, and treatment of delinquency and crime. Examines theories of deviant behavior, …

Rose Buckelew, & Fiona Greenland 3 credits
Genetics for an Informed Citizen
BIOL 1050

Genetics and Genomics form the basis for much of modern biology and the future of medical practice. A …

Paul Adler 3 credits
Capitalism and Slavery
HIUS 4501

In recent years, scholars have debated the following question: What was the relationship between the proliferation of slavery …

Justine Hill 4 credits
Nationalism, Racism, Multiculturalism
ANTH 2250

Introductory course in which the concepts of culture, multiculturalism, race, racism, and nationalism are critically examined in terms …

Richard Handler 3 credits
Liberal Arts and the Health Professions
ELA 2610

Students explore how insights from various disciplines inform their understanding of healthcare. Guest lectures and informational interviews connect …

Kimberly Sauerwein 1 credits
Arts & Cultures of the Slave South
ARH 2753

This interdisciplinary course covers the American South to the Civil War. While the course centers on the visual …

Louis Nelson 4 credits
Law, Land, and the Environment
PLAN 3060

This course introduces major legal issues surrounding land-use and environmental issues, focusing on the most notable U.S. Supreme …

Ellen Basset 3 credits
Theories of Modern Landscape Architecture
LAR 5140

Lectures and discussions sections examining the interrelationships between modern designed landscapes, and the theoretical texts that influenced, or …

Elizabeth Meyer 3 credits