Esther Poveda Moreno

I am from Madrid (Spain). I am the first woman in mom’s family to go have a higher education degree, and the the sixth on my dad’s side. I hold several higher education degrees from Spanish and American Universities, and my field of study is Latin American Literature.

As a member of the Charlottesville community, I am part of two local initiatives that support and advocate for our immigrant neighbors: the C’ville Freedom Fund (CIFF), and the Hands-off María campaign.

As part of the UVA Civic & Community Engagement Program, I teach SPAN 3020-001: Grammar and Composition II – Writing for Social Justice and Change in Fall, and SPAN 3030: Cultural Conversations – Sí se puede: Community Engagement in Spanish-Speaking Charlottesville in Spring. In this two-semester sequence of courses, in addition to becoming involved with local organizations, students use advanced grammatical forms to produce texts, written and oral, in which grammar and meaning interact to lead to effective communication in Spanish.