Career Center

We are here to help you with every step from choosing your major to developing your resume to interviewing with recruiters from top companies.

Our Mission

The University of Virginia Career Center fosters holistic career development and facilitates connections to educate, inspire confidence, and empower all students to launch professionally and personally fulfilling lives.

Career counseling can help guide every aspect of career exploration and development. Meet with an experienced career counselor in a one-on-one session. Schedule an appointment to clarify career goals, develop an action plan, or enhance search strategies for internships or jobs.

The University of Virginia Career Center provides a wide array of programs and services to empower students to take ownership of their continuous career development process. Career programs are a great way to actively explore interests and develop skills to effectively and efficiently achieve individual career goals.

The University of Virginia Career Center’s main office is in Bryant Hall at Scott Stadium. They also hold hours at 1515 and Newcomb Hall.

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