Major: Linguistics

The study of language as a specialized communicative system with its own distinctive principles of structure and patterning.

Major: Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering major seeks to teach students how to analyze, design and implement creative solutions to problems with computer …

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is a highly specialized, yet widely diverse field. Aerospace engineers are involved in such varied and exciting activities …

Major: Teacher Education

Areas of study include Elementary Education, Special Education, and Secondary Education (focus areas: English; Foreign Language; Math; Science; Social Studies).

Major: Youth and Social Innovation

As an undergraduate student in the Youth & Social Innovation major, you’ll engage in coursework that integrates theory and research …

Major: Women, Gender & Sexuality

The study of gender and sexualities with an emphasis on transnational perspectives.

Major: Statistics

Science that deals with the collection, analysis and presentation of numerical data.

Major: Politics

A theoretical and practical approach of the ideas, institutions, and history that shape political life.

Major: Economics

The systematic study of the production, conservation, and allocation of resources in conditions of scarcity.