Major: Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior of humans and other animals. It ranges from studies of human development and complex thought processes to social relations, brain and neural mechanisms, psychopathology and beyond. The requirements for the major are designed to ensure breadth of coverage, and allows flexibility in selecting courses according to one’s interests. Opportunities for independent work are available in research and field experience(through internship).

In addition to gaining a general liberal arts degree, training in the subject matter and methodology of psychology (including experimental methodology and statistics and an appreciation of the different views of human behavior) is excellent preparation for a variety of careers. Practical skills developed in the major include thinking critically, writing proposals and reports, designing and conducting research projects, collecting and analyzing data, reading and understanding basic research in psychology, and applying psychological principles in the workplace.

The Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia is consistently rated among the best in the nation. This level of achievement is a direct result of our commitment to excellence in research and in teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We are one of the largest undergraduate majors in the College of Arts and Sciences and have the resources to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide variety of sub-disciplines. Our faculty research is highly interdisciplinary, spanning seven major scientific areas of Psychology. Numerous ongoing research projects involve collaborations with prominent local, national, and international scholars.

Psychology is a popular liberal arts major at the University of Virginia, with approximately 250 students graduating each year with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Each semester, the Department of Psychology faculty with expertise in various psychology subdisciplines, offer about 30 courses which enroll over 3000 UVA students.  The breadth of our curriculum allows students to follow distinct concentration tracks based on their career interests. Over 35 research labs provide opportunities for undergraduate research, which may lead to participation in our Distinguished Majors Program.

Psychology Major Office: 140 Gilmer Hall