Minor: Psychology

New Prerequisites for Declaration for a Minor, beginning Fall 2018

Students must have a minimum 2.000 GPA for all psychology courses taken and have earned at least a C in each of the following three courses (in any order, including concurrently):

  • PSYC-2005, Research Methods & Data Analysis I
  • Two 2000-level PSYC courses
    • These may come any of the four “pillars” specified for the major, even from the same pillar.
    • PSYC-1010 (Introductory Psychology), or equivalent (transfer or AP 3 or IB high-level 4, or standard-level 5), can substitute for one of the 2000-level pre-requisites, but does not contribute credits to the minor.

Minor Requirements

Students must complete 18 credits at the 2000-level or higher, distributed as follows:

  • PSYC-2005, Research Methods & Data Analysis I (3)
  • Two courses at 2000-level (6)
  • One course at 2000-level or higher level (3)
  • Two courses at 3000-level or higher (6)
    • Do not count toward the minor: PSYC-3590, Research in Psychology, Directed Readings in Psychology, PSYC Internship.