SIS Help for Students

How to use the Student Information System.

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International Students Orientation

All new international students should attend their respective ISO orientation session where the details of the online orientation and other matters of interest…

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Gen Eds in the College of A&S, pre-2017

Did you start at UVA before the fall of 2017? Here’s information about your general education requirements in the College…

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Gen Eds in the College of A&S, 2017 & later

Forums, traditional, or new curriculum? If you started at UVA in fall 2017 or later, you had a choice…

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Accessibility Portal

A website providing detailed information about accessibility assistance for students as well as the whole UVA community.

Have a question?…

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Association Deans in the College of Arts & Sciences

What is an Association Dean?

To facilitate academic advising, every student in the College of Arts and Sciences is placed…

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Entrepreneurship Cup

The University of Virginia Entrepreneurship Cup, also known as the E-Cup, is an annual competition that seeks to enrich the area’s entrepreneurial…

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Center for American English, Language, and Culture

CAELC offers English as a Second Language services at the University.

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Curry’s New Student Information

New to the Curry School? Find FAQs and other resources to get you started.

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