Student Life at McIntire

Life at McIntire and UVA merges the best of the old with the promise of what’s new. Whether it’s presenting a business pitch to executives at Rolls-Royce, chatting with Dean Zeithaml at a summer barbeque or meeting for a study session at one of the Corner’s many pubs, restaurants, or coffee houses, McIntire students find unparalleled academic rigor; professors who are engaged, open, and accessible; and a close-knit fold of like-minded peers, all against the backdrop of UVA’s powerful, inspired tradition.

Charlottesville, home to a lively music, culinary, and outdoors scene, is consistently ranked among the nation’s best places to live. Nestled among the Blue Ridge Mountains, within easy distance of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond, the city offers urban vibrancy without the crush of a metropolis, along with a bevy of outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, rock- and mountain climbing, fishing, and camping.

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