General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements

How Do Gen Eds Work?

Undergraduate students at UVA must complete a list of requirements. Some of these are required by your major. Others are required for all students in your school. Requirements for all students in your school are called general education requirements, or gen eds for short. There is no gen ed requirement shared by the whole University—you just need to complete the gen eds for your school of enrollment. (Your school of enrollment is something like the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Architecture, etc.)

Here are direct links to the general education requirements for each school. You should follow the requirements for your school. If you plan to switch schools, check with the school you intend to switch into for information and advice about how to plan your coursework.

Links to General Education Requirements for Each School

For More Information

If you have questions about how transfer credits will apply, what happens if you switch schools within UVA, or other things about gen eds, check with your school’s central advising or student services office. Here’s a link to their contact information.