Switch Schools within UVA

Switch Schools within UVA

The information on this page applies to current UVA undergraduate students. If you are not yet accepted or are interested in applying to UVA as a transfer student from another college or university, please refer to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. If you are interested in admission to a graduate program (e.g., master’s, PhD) or professional school (Law, Medicine), please refer to that program’s website.

Are you an undergraduate who’s interested in switching to a different school at UVA? Here’s how to get started.

First, what do we mean by “school”?

When you started as an undergraduate at UVA, you had been accepted to one of the nine schools at UVA that enroll undergraduates. This is known as your school of enrollment. (Law, Medicine, and Darden School of Business only enroll graduate students.) If you decide that you want to pursue a degree offered by a different school, then you will need to transfer or apply to that school. 

What is an intra-university transfer, IUT, or internal transfer?

The phrase intra-university transfer (sometimes abbreviated as IUT, and sometimes called internal transfers) means that a student is already enrolled at UVA and is switching to a different school. Students coming to UVA from another university are often just referred to as transfer students, or sometimes as external transfers.

How can you learn more about applying to or transferring to a different school at UVA?

If you’re thinking about applying as an intra-university transfer to a school at UVA, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

Communicate with the school you are interested in applying to. There are links below that will help you find the right people. They will be happy to answer your questions and make sure you are on the right path.

Make sure you have accurate information. School websites and the Undergraduate Record are a good place to start, but as each case is different, it is a good idea to meet with an admissions representative from the school you are interested in applying to, and to keep good written notes for yourself so that you can plan well. While your peers can be a great source of advice, school representatives will be the best source of information.

Start early. It’s okay if you haven’t made up your mind yet. Getting in touch with the school and talking about your interest in applying will help you understand your options and plan your best path forward, whatever you decide.

Check with Student Financial Services (SFS). In some cases, transferring schools may mean that it will take you longer to graduate, and some schools have higher tuition rates than others. Talk to SFS to be sure that you understand how switching schools will affect your cost of attendance.

Here are links to each school’s information on how to apply as a current UVA student.